Somalia: Youth Development and Livelihood

The AFSC Somalia Program works with youth to develop innovative and creative ideas for building lasting peace. We reach past clan and ideology to insure the inclusion of all people.

Somalia has been in conflict since the 1980s and has not had a stable government since. Conflict over the control of resources and clan identity has been exacerbated by interest groups. The federal government alone cannot stabilize the situation. Somalia needs nationwide processes of negotiations with traditional authorities and clan leaders. 

Over the past two decades, the nature of the Somali crisis and the international context has changed constantly. AFSC recognizes that while the fragile and transitional situation in Somalia presents significant challenges and risks, it also holds high potential for achieving positive results.

 AFSC engages women and youth who have undergone vocational skills training. We induct the new participants into peace work in the community. We also help new participants join existing youth forums formed by former graduates and engage in peacebuilding and reconciliation work in their communities. 

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