The American Friends Service Committee’s programs touch a wide range of issues, countries, and communities. What unites them is the unfaltering belief in the essential worth of every human being, non-violence as the way to resolve conflict, and the power of love to overcome oppression, discrimination, and violence.

Fostering Peace in Communities

Primarily in urban settings, AFSC uses conflict resolution, “summit meetings” between rival groups, and simple projects such as gardens to bring together diverse elements to reduce violence. Learn more

Withdrawing U.S. Troops

AFSC is working to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and to build lasting peace in those war-torn countries. Learn more

Shaping a Just Federal Budget

AFSC believes that the U.S. government spends too much on the military. Human needs should come first. Learn more

Eliminating Nuclear Weapons

In collaboration with an international coalition AFSC is building a nuclear-free world, pressing for full U.S. participation in international treaties. Learn more

Strengthening Relationships that Prevent Conflict

AFSC works behind the scenes to bring stakeholders at all levels together in quiet diplomacy, fact-finding delegations, and off-the-record meetings that help build the relationships that facilitate future public actions. Learn more

Providing Peaceful Alternatives for Youth

In the U.S. and around the world, AFSC is helping youth discover alternatives to conflict, war, and militarism. Learn more

Immigrants Rights

Humanely Reforming Immigration Policy

Fair and humane treatment of all people, including immigrants, should be the norm in the United States. AFSC believes large scale reform is needed to live up our nations ideals. Learn more

Transforming Criminal Justice Systems

By promoting community-based systems of criminal justice that promote healing, reconciliation, and righting the harm done by perpetrators of violence, AFSC is developing alternatives to current criminal justice practices around the world. Learn more

Meeting the Economic Needs of Communities

In communities throughout the United States and around the world, AFSC addresses the causes of economic disparity. Learn more

Responding to Humanitarian Crises

In places where AFSC has programs or long experience we can respond to disasters such as earthquakes. However, a long-term commitment to building peaceful communities is part of such aid. Learn more