AFSC Staffperson Adriana Jasso connecting through the border wall

AFSC Staffperson Adriana Jasso connecting through the wall Photo: AFSC

The US-Mexico Border Program advances the human rights and self-determination of migrant communities. We do this through base-building, alliance-building, documentation and policy impact.

AFSC supports local, community-based organizing campaigns. We educate, and organize constituents to secure just and humane immigration policies.

AFSC uses a human rights framework and works in collaboration with community partners. We build alliances to protect migrant and non-migrant rights.

We engage families in building their collective vision for community action for change. Migrant families can then advocate on their own behalf on issues that most impact their lives.

AFSC works with local, state, and border-wide coalitions to increase their reach, knowledge, and resources.

We document misconduct and abuse of authority. We support affected people in dangerous situations. We advocate for greater accountability, oversight, and transparency with authorities at all levels.

Donate today to support the AFSC U.S-Mexico Program's material assistance to migrants at the border. Your contribution will help AFSC staff and volunteers provide humanitarian support to people in the open-air detention site known as Whiskey 8.

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