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The Atlanta Economic Justice Program (AEJP) works for economic and social justice. Through training, grassroots organizing and leadership development, we help build a culture of activism. We work with communities to build coalitions and resist injustice.

We bring communities together to build public, community-based public pressure campaigns. We expose connections between local economic injustice and larger systems of oppression. 

AEJP's youth group focuses on bridging the inter-generational gap. We train youth leaders and organizers, hold cultural space, and organize campaigns. Our youth program prioritizes mobilizing youth from low-income Atlanta communities. 

AEJP is a hub for social justice in Atlanta, providing regular organizing trainings for grassroots groups and communities. These trainings include Organizing 101, media training, campaign development, art and activism, nonviolent direct action, and social media for social change. In addition, AEJP advises grassroots groups in the South. 

In the spring of 2020, AEJP worked with the Housing Justice League to establish a COVID-19 Hotline. This Hotline assisted Atlanta area renters and mortgage holders during the Coronavirus pandemic. Over 100 volunteers were trained to field calls from the hotline and aid community members with vulnerable housing arrangements.  

In addition, AEJP created the Home Defender platform to empower and assist those in emergency housing crises due to the pandemic. Individuals or communities in need are able to create their own petitions to leverage their power to remain in their homes. 

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