A group of young people discussing in a circle during a peace festival

Photo: Omar Ponce/AFSC

In Guatemala and El Salvador, the Peace with Social Justice program works with communities to dismantle systems of oppression (colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy).

Our efforts focus on accompanying social justice and environmental movements led by communities and grassroots groups working to defend the territories, claim their rights, and protect Mother Earth. We seek to strengthen these movements through training, dialogue, healing, support for territorial economic initiatives, and connecting with other actors and social advocacy. We do this from an intersectional approach in accordance with AFSC's commitments to gender equity, working with youth, antiracism/ anti-oppression approaches, climate justice, and AFSC's Quaker values and principles.  

The Peace with Social Justice program works directly with Indigenous and "comunidades campesinas" (rural and farming communities) that are committed to women and youth leadership, in partnership with other local organizations. Currently, our program works in accompaniment with communities in the Sonsonate Department of El Salvador and is continuing to expand similar work in Guatemala’s Ixil territory. 

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