Lewis Webb, Jr.

Lewis Webb, Jr.

(he/him) (he/him)

U.S. Peacebuilding Director

Lewis previously led AFSC’s New York-based healing justice work for over 12 years and since 2017 has been the coordinator of the organization’s national healing justice network. Since joining AFSC, Lewis has built an advocacy program that focuses on sentencing and the school-to-prison pipeline, established a growing youth advocacy training program, and guided the collective development and eventual organizational endorsement of “Our North Star: A Vision for Community Safety Beyond Prisons and Policing.” Lewis holds degrees in philosophy and law and has many years of experience as an educator. He is based in Philadelphia.

In his new role, Lewis is responsible for leading AFSC’s work towards a future free of militarism and violence. AFSC works to address the root causes of violence—and transform systems to ensure just, sustainable peace for all. 

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