Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson

(he/him) (he/him)

U.S. Economic Justice Director

Rick has been a part of AFSC since 1989 in various roles, including policy change work at national, state, and local level. In his current role, Rick leads AFSC’s work to address economic justice so that economies can work for all people and the planet. AFSC believes that economies should promote thriving communities with food justice, housing rights, and sustainable income for all people.

Over the years, Rick has participated in several major labor strikes and lockouts. He holds a BA and MA degree from Marshall University and has taught sociology there and at WVU Tech, with a special focus on the more negative aspects of human behavior (conformity, obedience to authority, social control, and violence). He most recently served as the director of AFSC’s West Virginia Economic Justice program. Rick has also served several years as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Milton, West Virginia. When not traveling, he will divide his time between West Virginia and Vermont.  


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