people at an outdoor action holding signs about the child tax credit

Photo: Mark Story Photos

The West Virginia Economic Justice Project (WVEJ) works statewide on issues affecting low income and working families.

WVEJ works to create and defend policies that will enhance quality of life for West Virginians. We accomplish this through legislative advocacy, public education, strategic organizing, and coalition building. 

We work closely with the Appalachian Center for Equality program and other groups in the state committed to youth leadership. We aim to develop leaders and allies who can advocate effectively for social change and  preserve the gains of the past. 

Our work helps people get the best possible deal from the current system. 

WVEJ and allies have successfully advocated for many legislative and policy changes. These include increased coal mine safety and childcare subsidies for working families. Additionally, we've worked to restore funding for essential programs and expand Medicaid coverage. 

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