Issue 12: Acting in Faith with AFSC

Dear Friend,

I am excited to share that AFSC is now offering presentations to meetings and churches on our “North Star,” a vision for community safety beyond prisons and policing. These presentations will be led by AFSC’s Lewis Webb Jr., Healing Justice program director, and Mary Zerkel, Chicago Peacebuilding program director, who will discuss how this vision guides our work toward abolition and how you can engage with AFSC in spirit-led activism. If your meeting is interested in hosting a “North Star” presentation, please email

Please continue to fill out our online Quaker engagement questionnaire. It will help us build effective communications and work together. Please share it with your meetings, churches, and any Friends you know.

Here are some ways you can engage with AFSC, plus a few updates on our work:

Join AFSC and the Poor People’s Campaign in Washington, D.C. on June 18: Today millions of people face food insecurity, eviction from their homes, or lack health care or living wages. Meanwhile billionaires keep getting richer. On June 18, thousands will mobilize to the nation’s capital to call for a moral revolution and an end to voter suppression. Can you join us? Buses are filling up so reserve your spot today.

No Way to Treat a Child webinar (June 14, 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT): Please join our monthly webinar from AFSC and Defense for Children International - Palestine on advocacy for Palestinian rights. Get updates on violations to Palestinian children’s human rights and learn how you can help sustain long-term advocacy to protect Palestinian children.

Tell Congress: Act now to build peace and humanitarian cooperation with North Korea: Tensions between the U.S. and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (or “North Korea”) are on the rise. In recent weeks, North Korea has conducted missile tests, and the U.S. and South Korea have responded with missile tests of their own. Meanwhile, a recent outbreak of COVID-19 in North Korea threatens millions already facing shortages of food and basic supplies. Urge Congress to pass legislation to end the Korean War, support nongovernmental aid missions, and reunite families.

AFSC’s Military Recruiter Abuse hotline: Military recruiters work in schools and our communities to get young people to sign up for the military. They often target low-income students and students of color for enlistment. In some cases, military recruiters abuse their power. “Military recruiters who use tactics like these do not have the best interest of recruits at heart. It’s important for Congress and the Department of Defense to understand just how pervasive these experiences are” writes AFSC’s Tori Bateman.

Victory! General Mills divests from Israel: Following a two-year campaign lead by AFSC calling on General Mills to stop making Pillsbury products on stolen Palestinian land, the company announced on May 31 that it had divested its Israeli business altogether. Read AFSC’s statement.  

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Thank you for your continued support of AFSC’s work and all that you do in working for a more just and peaceful world!


Sofia Di Pietro
Communications Associate

P.S. You can find more ways to get involved at our Friends Engage page. If your meeting or church does not yet have a liaison, I ask that you continue to invite Friends and others in your community to sign up for this email. They will get invitations curated specifically for Quakers. And as always, feel free to contact me with questions or comments at