Delivering assistance to patients in Gaza

With your support, AFSC has distributed food and water to dozens of cancer and kidney patients and their families in Rafah.

Last month, I visited a wedding hall in Rafah that was serving as a shelter for cancer and kidney patients as well as other displaced families in Gaza. Our humanitarian response team witnessed the urgent needs of people who are ill but no longer have access to hospital care. The only hospital in the region is overwhelmed beyond capacity and cannot accommodate any more patients. Many, like those we met, are now living in shelters, tents, or on the streets.   

In response, we distributed 59 kits containing water and vegetables, ensuring a week's worth of support for them. As Ramadan began earlier this month, we also distributed food parcels to 200 families with children with cancer and autism, reaching more than 1,400 people. Each of those parcels contained one kilogram of meat, rice, and dates. Throughout Ramadan, we will continue to distribute around 250 parcels of vegetables per day.     

These efforts are one part of our ongoing emergency relief efforts in Gaza. With your help, we have provided vital aid to more than 360,299 people. And we plan to help tens of thousands more in the months ahead. 

Our collective efforts are saving lives. But to bring an end to this suffering, we need an immediate cease-fire and humanitarian access so we can reach everyone who needs help as soon as possible. Please keep pressuring your elected officials for a cease-fire and letting in aid to Gaza.

Your support continues to be the driving force behind each step we take. Thank you for your unwavering commitment!