Roots For Peace youth

Roots For Peace youth at a 2023 community engagement event

Roots For Peace engages BIPOC youth (ages 14-24) and families to address racial, health, and economic injustices. We build power to promote a healthier built environment.

RFP supports youth to envision and organize for systemic change. We foster personal and community well-being through campaigns and projects. These seek to improve access to transportation and healthy food and to remove police from schools.  

We provide robust and positive youth development opportunities. RFP supports a pipeline of youth organizers who coordinate on school campuses and meet regionally in South LA. 

We build power through coalitions. This results in access to decision-making bodies for deep and long-term systemic changes.

In partnership, RFP supports over 30 families in South Los Angeles to grow food. They exercise leadership on the operations and visioning of a vacant-lot-to-green-space project. We lead intergenerational workshops that promote ancestral practices and cultural food-ways.

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