Roots for Peace Youth Join Call for Ceasefire

By Adalberto Rios

Roots For Peace (RFP) youth took part in a November rally aimed at educators to join the call for a ceasefire. They applied pressure on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for a resolution calling for the same. RFP youth and staff shared powerful testimonials in support of Palestine.

RFP youth Cindy Alonso said: “This is colonization happening now! This is a genocide! This is what our people have been experiencing for years. As a Mexican, as a Chicana, I am proud to say that I STAND with Palestine."

She added: "LAUSD needs to be held accountable. Our government needs to be held accountable. Their actions will not go unnoticed. If not NOW, WHEN?! Long live Palestine!"

RFP Staff Martha Rosario added “As an undocumented person, I know what it's like to not feel that I have legal status and protection within the land I’ve grown up in...I know what it’s like to feel that I can’t move freely in the land that I’ve grown up in."

She added: "I know what its like to not feel like I’m protected by the people who serve in power.... That is what the Palestinian people and children are feeling right now. None of us free until all of us are free.”


RFP youth and staff join in the call for a ceasefire in Gaza.