Pedro Sosa of AFSC leads a “dinámica” (conscious-building role-playing)

Pedro Sosa leads a “dinámica” (or conscious-building role-playing) as part of an AFSC Know Your Rights training.  

AFSC’s Project Voice Immigrant Rights Program advances the human rights of immigrants through alliance-building, documentation, and policy impact.

Project Voice helps immigrants affirm their human rights. People learn how to impact the policies that affect them.

We use a human rights framework. We collaborate with community partners. AFSC puts a human face on the complex immigration debate. We mobilize people for demonstrations and speak out in the media. AFSC urges legislators to adopt humane immigration policies.

Our popular education workshops use practical information. Immigrants gain a deeper understanding of their rights. We help immigrants take full advantage of the opportunity to become citizens. This includes petitioning for their relatives and gaining the right to vote.

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