person holding sign at a protest with umbrellas in the background

The Migration Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean Program works in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico. We work to promote a fair, dignified human migration system that responds to the needs of migrants and people who have been forcibly displaced.

We advocate for the demilitarization of border areas, the abolition of immigration detention, and the deconstruction of hegemonic narratives concerning immigration and forced displacement. We work with a broad range of local stakeholders, directly accompanying people on the move and communities impacted by immigration policies—in order to promote migrant self-affirmation from an intersectional approach. This approach is in accordance with AFSC's commitments to gender equity, working with youth, antiracism/ anti-oppression approaches, climate justice, and AFSC's Quaker values and principles.  

Currently, priority is being given to work in border communities and communities with high expulsion, transit, and return of migrants and forcibly displaced populations. We are developing informative and training activities, spaces for dialogue, monitoring, documentation and research activities, connections with other actors for social and political advocacy, as well as statements and public actions. 

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