AFSC Michigan staff and family

AFSC Michigan staff and family Photo:AFSC

AFSC addresses the state violence of the criminal, legal, and imprisonment systems in our communities. We disrupt the paradigm of punishment and build healing, wellness and full liberation for all.

AFSC Michigan is the lead advocate for “Second Look” legislation. Backed by 29 partner organizations, the bill would reduce mass incarceration by allowing for a review of people’s long sentences. People who’ve served 10 years or more could petition for resentencing and another chance at freedom.

AFSC staff collect the stories of women in prison who share—through letters—why they deserve commutation. For many, medical reasons are paramount. AFSC also helps women compile their accomplishments.

In 2022, AFSC and partners launched Let Me Tell You, a storytelling initiative. It highlights the experiences of people serving life and long-term prison sentences. “Most of our stories have been told by prosecutors and police,” said one person inside. “This project gives incarcerated men and women an opportunity to let members in society know who we really are. The project helps us celebrate our full humanity together."

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