Rally at GEO Detention Center

AFSC Colorado takes our direction from people directly impacted by injustice. We organize immigrants and allies striving for immigrant justice. AFSC provides leadership development, and we resist deportation. We lift up positive narratives and advocate for policy change.

Our immigrant leaders are experts on the causes of inequality. They know the transformative changes most needed for liberation. Our work has roots in allyship and accompaniment. We leverage our privilege and partner with immigrant leaders to promote racial justice.

Our vision is of a Colorado where directly-impacted people define policy. We want our state to value all people and encourage their contributions. AFSC is a leader in promoting intersectional approaches to organizing.

We recognize, for example, the many connections between labor rights, farmworker rights and immigrant rights. This intersectional approach contributes to major policy wins and cultural shifts.

The Not1More (N1M) Deportation Table - Metro Denver and Ft. Morgan is a group of 41 immigrants fighting deportations. N1M shares strategies, tactics and support around prolonging or preventing deportation.

Sixteen core members lead Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights (CFIR), a group of 1550 allies. CFIR pushes for immigrant rights at the city, state and federal levels. We engage faith communities and build a stronger voice for immigrant justice across movements.

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