Crossing South

Resources for people returning to México, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala

Many people and families in the U.S. have had to return to their native countries, either voluntarily or due to deportation. This resource was created to help people prepare so they can make the process as simple and safe as possible, whether they are returning to México, Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala. 


Crossing South is an AFSC collaboration between Coloradans For Immigrant Rights & the Not One More Table with Harriet Mullaney, Gabriela Flora, Christina Zaldivar, Jordan Garcia, Kathy Bougher, Maggie Loredo/Otros Dreamers en Acción, Whitney Duncan, Tom Kowal, Sarah Jackson/Casa de Paz, Ruth Gomberg-Munoz/Loyola University, Amelia Frank-Vitale/University of Michigan, Joanna Williams/Kino Border Initiative, Gloria Rosales and Berta Guevara/AFSC-El Salvador.