mural shows the importance of healthy love for our babies

A recent 67 mural demonstrates the importance of healthy love for our babies. Photo: 67 Sueños

67 Sueños is an an Oakland-based youth organizing program. We center organizing, political education, ARTivism (art + activism), and trauma-healing work. 67 Sueños works with Latinx undocumented youth and youth from mixed-status families.

67 Sueños was born in 2011 out of the recognition that 67 percent of migrant youth would be excluded from the DREAM Act. 

We provide leadership development with an abolitionist lens. We engage youth in local campaigns. These include working to end youth incarceration and militarized policing of BIPOC communities.

Youth enter the 67 space with unique stories of struggle, resilience, and survival. We build on their stories by providing them with critical thinking tools to comprehend larger systems of injustices.

We center their voices through storytelling, social media, video, speakers, art, and healing. Youth challenge their own prejudices and their community to work towards a better future.

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