Jacqueline Garcia-Martinez

Jacqueline Garcia-Martinez

(she/her) (she/her)

67 Sueños Program Director

Jacqueline "Jackie" Garcia-Martinez is a warrior scholar and Xicana Xingona from the town. In 2010, after experiencing family separation by the unjust immigration system, she took action and co-founded 67 Sueños alongside her six peers and mentor Pablo Paredes. In that same year she joined the Xicana Moratorium Coalition in Oakland and co-led citywide walkouts to fight and defeat the Oakland Gang Injunctions. Since then, Jackie has been organizing and mentoring youth to be civically and politically involved in their communities.

Any given time, you can find "Jackie" making art, being silly with her daughter Baby Q, or see her painted in person on murals across the town that speak on different social justice issues. 

Articles by Jacqueline Garcia-Martinez