After decades of conflict, the people of Africa are reknitting the fabric of resilient and thriving societies. AFSC’s work in Burundi, Kenya, Somalia, and Zimbabwe promotes lasting peace and reconciliation by helping youth, women, and men heal from the trauma of violence, develop self-employment skills, and rebuild a sense of community. Through our Dialogue and Exchange Program, AFSC extends the impact of this work to an additional 20 countries in Africa.

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Burundi: Youth & Community Empowerment

AFSC’s Burundi Program aims to create a society where all people can enjoy peace and dignity, meet their basic needs, and make meaningful contributions to peace and community development. 

Kenya: Peaceful Youth & Communities

Kenya: Peaceful Youth & Communities

In Kenya, AFSC works to promote a culture of peace among youth and the communities in which they live. We also work with grassroots leaders to enhance effective community and national-level engagement around issues of peace.

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Salama Hub

AFSC’s Salama Hub, established in 2021, is a research and advocacy hub focused on promoting peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.

Somalia: Youth Development and Livelihood

Somalia: Youth Development and Livelihood

The AFSC Somalia Program works with youth to develop innovative and creative ideas for building lasting peace. We reach past clan and ideology to insure the inclusion of all people.

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South Sudan: Trauma Healing for Enhanced Peacebuilding

AFSC’s South Sudan Program addresses trauma among peacebuilders through conflict healing and reconciliation. 

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Zimbabwe: People on the Move

AFSC Zimbabwe helps to foster peace, community cohesion, and resilience. We work in communities in Harare, Bulawayo, Marondera, Goromonzi, and Binga. Our partners include local organizations, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, and Small and Medium Enterprises Development.

Public Policy and Advocacy

Public Policy and Advocacy

AFSC has more than a century of experience working with communities across the globe. In our policy and advocacy work, we bring these perspectives to the U.S. capital, United Nations, and other policy bodies.