Providing hygiene kits and promoting mental health in Gaza

With your help, we have supplied soap, towels, and other essentials to women as they receive psychological support—helping them live with dignity.

Nine months into the crisis in Gaza, there is no end in sight to the massive displacement of people from their homes, the widespread starvation, and the continual bombings. Everyone has been deeply affected by the ongoing trauma we are experiencing. People are desperate for help—not just for food and other essentials, but for mental health support, too. Many more women, men, and children are seeking therapy and counseling. 

To help meet these needs, AFSC is collaborating with the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) in Al Khwalda and Al Amal camps. The organization provides crucial psychological first aid to displaced women who are now living in tents. Women gather for group sessions in the camps. There, they know someone will listen to them, as they often bear the emotional burdens of their children and other family members without having an outlet for their own pain. GCMHP staff help to identify urgent needs, detect early signs of psychosocial problems, and help people access specialized services if needed. 


AFSC staff have distributed hygiene kits at Al Amal and Al Khwalda camps in Gaza.

Following these sessions, AFSC staff and volunteers are giving out hygiene kits. Each kit includes essentials such as soap, detergent, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, and tissues. These items are vital to basic well-being and dignity. They also help prevent disease. But few aid groups supply them, and soaring prices make them unaffordable for most. 

This effort is one small part of the overwhelming support needed, but it is helping people face their daily lives and keep going. It is one of the many ways our team in Gaza is working with partners to address both mental health and physical needs.  

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to our efforts. We’re grateful for your support in providing humanitarian aid. Please keep joining us in calling for a permanent cease-fire and humanitarian access for Gaza.