Helping seniors living under blockade in Gaza

A new AFSC project provides Palestinian elders with critical supplies. 

For over 16 years, more than 2 million Palestinians in Gaza have lived under Israeli military blockade—and the consequences have been devastating. 

Unemployment has reached nearly 50%, and over 80% of the population now relies on international assistance to survive. Access to clean water and electricity is limited, hospitals are out of nearly 50% of essential medicines, and rates of hunger are on the rise.   

The situation is especially difficult for elderly Palestinians living in poverty. Many seniors have specific needs that go unmet. They often rely on their family for care and assistance, but far too often, families have little to give as they face economic hardships of their own. 

AFSC’s team in Gaza works directly with local communities. We have heard from many families about the specific challenges their elderly loved ones face. Many seniors are housebound. They need walkers, wheelchairs, mattresses, adult diapers, and other items—but their families can’t afford them. And that has limited their freedom, mobility, and comfort in their own homes. 

Not enough organizations have stepped up to provide these critical supplies. That’s why AFSC is launching a new project to help elderly Palestinians get the support they need. AFSC has a long history of providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in Gaza as we advocate to end the blockade. Over the past three years, we have delivered food, face masks, hygiene items, and other essentials to hundreds of elderly Palestinians. Last year, we helped 600 children in Gaza get the supplies they needed to attend school.

Now we’re planning to supply elders in Gaza with wheelchairs, walkers, supportive mattresses, adult diapers, and hygiene items. These are all things that are hard to come by in Gaza—and they can make a world of difference in someone’s quality of life. 

Through our new project, we are looking forward to ensuring more elderly Palestinians in Gaza have the critical supplies they need today—as we keep up our long-term advocacy for peace in the region.   

We hope you will join us to help elderly Palestinians meet their essential needs, to live in comfort, and with basic dignity.