Delivering food to Palestinians in Gaza

With your support, AFSC and partners have delivered food to thousands of displaced people in southern Gaza.

As the Israeli military intensifies its bombing and ground invasion throughout Gaza, more Palestinians have been forced to flee farther south. But shelters are already overcrowded and can’t accommodate more people. Many have no choice but to sleep in the open air, even as winter begins to take hold. Food, water, and other necessities are in short supply.    

Thanks to supporters like you, AFSC is providing food and other aid to thousands of displaced people in southern Gaza. Your donations have been critical in supporting Palestinians facing hunger as Israel continues its total blockade on Gaza. 

On Dec. 11 and 12, AFSC and partners distributed parcels of vegetables to displaced families living in tents outside of shelters in Rafah. We were the first organization to assist these individuals, providing 250 parcels of food to feed more than 2,500 people.  

We are also sending additional aid through Egypt into Gaza when Israeli authorities allow it. So far, we have procured two trucks of food and one truck of medicine. The first truck contained 2,000 ready-to-eat food family kits for families in Rafah. Now we’re procuring another truck with blankets and other winter items to help displaced families prepare for even colder temperatures. 

A man walks alongside two women next to a truck loaded with bags

In Egypt, AFSC staff and partners coordinate truckloads of food and other aid for Gaza. Maryam Azzam

A man packs a box while someone with a clipboard looks on

In Egypt, AFSC staff and partners pack boxes of food for shipment to Gaza.  Maryam Azzam

5 children and one woman stand outside of tent

More than 2,500 people in Gaza have received fresh vegetables.  Belal Khalili

Man gives bag of veggies to woman sitting down

More than 2,500 people in Gaza have received fresh vegetables.  Belal Khalili

Bags of eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and lemons

Parcels included fresh vegetables such as peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes.  Belal Khalili

These efforts are in addition to the 502 food parcels, 770 meals, and 500 hygiene kits we have distributed to families in southern Gaza since the start of the crisis. (Read more about our Gaza emergency relief).  

We are so grateful to everyone who has donated to make our relief efforts possible. Your support is vital as we work to meet urgent needs, advocate for a cease-fire, and engage in long-term efforts to end violence and oppression.