AFSC Freedom School in St. Louis

AFSC Freedom School in St. Louis Camron Rhodes

AFSC organizes Black youth to develop and advocate for alternatives to policing. Our work involves community organizing, coalition building and research. Our goal is a world in which local high schools and universities center real student safety.

This includes access to mental health resources and funding for educators. We also seek improved school conditions as alternatives to carceral practices.

Youth Advocates

AFSC’s anti-racist organizing work empowers youth to make sustainable changes. They do so through policy, community, and social media advocacy. A core group of 10 youth, ages 10-18, lead efforts to build their anti-oppression analysis. They identify an issue and hold public actions targeting decision-makers.

Toward real student safety 

AFSC works to change school policies and practices that fuel the school-to-prison pipeline. We focus on the punitive paradigm of student discipline. We work for a school environment where restorative practices take center stage.

Peer mediation

AFSC organizes peer mediation and restorative circles in schools. We train school staff on restorative justice. We present workshops on topics such as anti-racism and anti-oppression throughout the year. We host periodic anti-racist youth Freedom Schools.

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