The U.S. must stop bombing Yemen and support a ceasefire in Gaza

Layne Mullett
Director of Media Relations


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Today the U.S. and Britain bombed more than a dozen locations in Yemen. The Biden Administration claimed the bombings targeted sights associated with the Houthi party in response to Houthi attacks on ships traveling through the Red Sea. Houthi officials say the Red Sea attacks are an effort to disrupt shipping and pressure outside parties to stop Israel’s attack on Gaza. 

AFSC condemns these attacks on Yemen and calls on the U.S. to avoid any further escalations against Yemen or any other country in the region. At a time of heightened tension across the Middle East, these attacks risk pulling the U.S. into a long, devastating, and costly war. These strikes were also not authorized by Congress and are a violation of the War Powers Act. 

Yemen is still suffering from a decade of war which has not yet officially ended. That war saw Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other allies fight against the Houthis, with the help of U.S. weapons and support. This war killed at least 150,000 people and displaced millions. Yemen also suffered famine conditions, which the U.N .estimated killed an additional 225,000 people. 

Deliberate military escalation by the United States – or any other actor – will benefit no one but the weapons manufactures and their lobbyists. Instead of provoking a regional war, the U.S. and the international community should support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and an end to occupation and apartheid.

No more bombing, no more war. Demand a ceasefire now.