RFP Stands In Solidarity with South Central Residents

By Adalberto Rios

On April 26, 2023, Roots For Peace stood in solidarity with community residents who were impacted by LAPD's detonation of 40 pounds of explosives in the middle of a densely populated South Central Los Angeles neighborhood. The incident, which took place a little less than two years ago, destroyed several homes, injured many residents, and led to the city removing and relocating almost an entire neighborhood.

Since then, various investigations have been conducted on behalf of LAPD, ATF and other governing bodies, but the names of those responsible have not been released. Recently, LAPD announced that it finally reached a decision about the officers it found to be responsible, giving the officer who detonated the explosives 10 days suspension without pay. As a response, the 27th Street residents took to protest at LAPD headquarters, demanding the names of those responsible.