The power of economic activism

Mass incarceration, war and occupation, border security, police militarization, and mass surveillance are systems of state violence and oppression. But for many large corporations, they’re simply profitable markets with almost endless growth opportunities. 

AFSC’s Economic Activism program investigates the ways in which corporations get deeply entangled in policing and mass surveillance, border walls and mass incarceration, war, and occupation. We offer strategic research for action and unique tools for corporate engagement and investment screening, tailored to the needs of activists and investors seeking change. 

Join AFSC and partners to learn how communities around the world have used the power of economic activism to hold corporations to account and achieve social change.

Speakers include Dov Baum, AFSC's Economic Activism Director, Jacinta González, Mijente’s Senior Campaign Organizer, who gives us insight into the No Tech for ICE campaign, and Morgan Simon of the Candide Group, who discusses how a grassroots coalition succeeded in getting the largest banks in the U.S. to announce they would stop giving credit and loans to private prison companies. Sonia Tuma, AFSC's West regional director, introduces the panel.