AFSC NM alum wins Growing the Future Award

By Sayrah Namaste, New Mexico Program Co-Director

Congratulations to Donne Gonzales for receiving the “Growing the Future” award from the New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council!

Donne is a graduate of the AFSC farmer training program. She is the trainer for the NM Acequia Association farmer training program, which was adapted from AFSC’s program.

We have loved partnering with Donne on AFSC's Train the Trainer manual and our Farm to Preschool programs. We appreciate how much Donne has improved the training program since becoming the trainer, and we love that she's stayed connected with us.

Donne thanked AFSC for its support, as well. "I have so much respect for you all at AFSC New Mexico. You taught me so many things as a young 19-20-year-old," Donne said. "Now I’m a successful market gardener. Thank you for all the continued support and all you do for the farm community. So lucky for the friendship.”


Farm to Table New Mexico video Farm to Table New Mexico

In this Farm to Table New Mexico video, Donna shares about her passion for training farmers.

"We’re teaching people how to hold on to traditions. As a young farmer myself, I’ve graduated over 30 very successful farmers.... It’s not just a way of life, but a way of culture and tradition for me.

"It’s really important for me to teach all these people who come to my farm that everything is so important, how everything is so alive – the seeds, the water. How we really want to pour love into the things we grow. Because then we’ll be eating them, and we’ll get to eat love, which is pretty magical."