Youth tell stories of police violence, mass incarceration, and immigration

Liberation Summer Youth Advocacy Training Camp, a program of AFSC New York and New Jersey and Echoes of Incarceration, brings together high schoolers from across the New York Tri-State area who have been directly impacted by America’s criminal justice system and immigration policies. Together they learn about and analyze these issues and are exposed to advocacy strategies while being trained in the art of filmmaking for change. 

Here are three films from this year's camp:

Black and Blue - 4 Years Later 

On the fourth anniversary of Eric Garner's death, Liberation Summer Camp participants took to the streets to conduct spontaneous interviews, asking people: If you were attacked or assaulted walking home, who would you call?


Less-hope-less - AKA Keep On 

After attending a session at criminal court, Liberation Summer Camp participants came together to create personal artistic responses to what they experienced, channeling their emotions and reactions into positive creations.


 Jamil Resiliency 

Jamil’s family was forced to move to Honduras after his mother and father were placed in deportation proceedings. In this video, he recounts the struggles he and his family faced, and how those struggles inform his work and life today.


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