What we’re reading: Trump's first 100 days

April 29 marks the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency. In that time we've seen an expansion of wars abroad, a crackdown on immigrants and refugees, threats to the environment, education, and public services. We've also seen huge protests and new resistance movements. Here's what we're reading to learn more:


Women will fight Trump's agenda for the next 100 days, too, by Alicia Garza and Ai-jen Poo via Cosmopolitan

"Our stories connect us and make us stronger together. These days, real stories about real people are getting harder and harder to come by. Fear, uncertainty, and division keep us from connecting to the humanity that brings us together. Now more than ever, we need reminders of what connects us. Share your story—online, at a community meeting, or in a congressional office.

Whether it's at a town hall, at the airports, or marching for science, we're on the road to victory. All signs indicate that together, we'll find the courage and the heart to face what's ahead. For the past 100 days, women have been the leaders of the resistance. For next 100 days, we will be too."


100 days in Trump's America, by Ryan Lenz and Booth Gunter via Southern Poverty Law Center

"In his first 100 days, despite his failure to achieve any major legislative victories, Trump has not disappointed his alt-right followers. His actions suggest that—unlike the economic populism of his campaign—Trump's appeals to the radical right did indeed presage his White House agenda.

On Jan. 31, former Klan leader David Duke tweeted: 'everything I've been talking about for decades is coming true and the ideas I've fought for have won.'"


The top 10 resistance victories in Trump's first 100 days, by John Cavanagh, Sarah Anderson, and Domenica Ghanem via AlterNet

"President Donald Trump's first 100 days will be remembered for the horror of his reckless bombings overseas, his attacks on immigrants, the environment, the Standing Rock Sioux, women, and people of color, and his penchant for choosing billionaires and Wall Street bankers as top officials. But this period will also go down in history for the remarkable popular resistance that has undermined many of Trump's stated goals for the start of his term."


100 days: Pollution harms people of color the most. Trump is making It worse, by Nathalie Baptiste via Mother Jones

"From the start, the Trump administration made clear that it planned to rein in the Environmental Protection Agency. Most notably, the White House has proposed massive budget cuts that could fundamentally change the way agency operates. 'Over the past few months we've seen how quickly this administration is rolling back progress we've made on the environment,' Rep. Pramila Jayapral (D-Wash.) said at the Thursday event. 'Budget cuts to the EPA will devastate communities of color across the country.' Indeed, people of color and low-income communities face the highest risks from toxic spills, hazardous air, and dirty drinking water, according to the Center for American Progress."


Las Cafeteras Dreams of Liberation in 'If I Was President', by Sameer Rao via Colorlines

"The Los Angeles folk-fusion band's new bilingual song envisions a presidency that fights racist policy and empowers communities of color."


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