How Quakers can help end mass incarceration

AFSC has been collaborating with QuakerSpeak, a project of Friends Journal, on several videos about issues on which AFSC works and how Quakers can support change. The second video in the series of three reflects on "How Quakers can help end mass incarceration" and features AFSC staff members Laura Magnani, Farajii Mohammed, and Lewis Webb. The video includes a link to a webpage which discusses actions that Quakers (and others) can take to help end mass criminalization. 

This past week AFSC supported the launch of a new networking and organizing website for the Quaker Network to end mass incarceration. Though the network is organized by Quakers, all are welcome to join in. At the site you can find a wealth of resources, events, discover programs in your area of interest, and learn about the activities of the network. If you create a profile, you can post resources and events, join discussions, post about programs, and connect with other members of the network through a webform. We are hopeful that many will join the network and participate, and that through connection and engagement, we will be able to work and learn together to help end mass incarceration at the state and national level. Join us at! 

We're partnering with QuakerSpeak, a project of Friends Journal, to encourage Friends around the country to join us in doing spiritually-grounded social justice work. Subscribe to QuakerSpeak for interviews on the core questions of our faith. The videos are directed by Jon Watts. - Lucy