5 Things your meeting/church can do to work to Humanize Not Militarize

1.   Learn

2.   Join the virtual conversation, and use the hashtag #HumanizeNotMilitarize 

  • Bring attention to local examples of responses and resistance to militarism on social media.
  • Follow @AFSCPeace for updates on our twitter power hours.
  • Share images from the exhibit on your social media, and engage with friends/community about their responses.

3.   Create a video!

4.   Host An Exhibit or Screening

  • Bring the poster exhibit to your meeting, school, community center, etc. Email us at Humanize@afsc.org if you are interested.
  • Invite local activists to speak on a panel, connecting their work to Humanize Not Militarize.
  • Plan a screening of HNM videos for Spring 2016— borrow a projector and find a place to do it.  
  • Use the HNM Training Resources with youth in your meeting.

5.   Take Action!

  • Print out your favorite posters, and use them as signs during demonstrations, or ask local business owners or educators to display them in their windows.  
  • Support AFSC campaigns on militarism.
  • Organize a Study into Action group and read books that HNM suggests.  We’ll provide discussion questions and suggested actions to take.