4 things you can do to stand with the migrant caravan today

In October 2018, caravans of migrants began traveling north from Central America. The groups includes people of all ages, including families and children – many of whom are escaping violence and poverty and seeking asylum in the U.S. and Mexico. 

But instead of responding with compassion and humanity, President Trump has portrayed migrants as a security threat. And he has used the caravans to stir up xenophobia and advance his anti-immigrant agenda, from detaining families to further militarizing our border.

Don’t let Trump exploit the migrant caravan to fuel hate and fear! You can take a stand against his xenophobic rhetoric by calling on our elected officials to protect the rights and dignity of all immigrants. 

Here are four ways you can take action today:  

1. Take action: No more funding for walls, ICE, or Border Patrol!

Trump is using the caravan to support his efforts to further militarize our southern border. But we know that walls and other border enforcement have had a deadly impact on our communities, including thousands of migrant deaths and rampant abuse of community members by Border Patrol agents. Tell Congress to #DefundHate and stop funding cruelty against immigrants today! 

2. Spread messages that show support for migrants. 

We need to speak out against hateful, anti-immigrant language and policies at every chance we get. And it’s important that we ask our family, friends, and communities to do the same. Use our messaging tips on how to talk about the migrant caravan, and share them on Facebook and Twitter.  

3. Support AFSC's emergency response to protect human rights.

AFSC works in Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and dozens of U.S. cities and towns, including at the U.S.-Mexico border. Our team has traveled with the migrant caravan and has worked to meet human needs like food and water, keep people safe with human rights monitoring, and mobilize people across the U.S. to advocate for policy change.  Donate today to support our efforts.

4. Speak out against Trump's attack on asylum. 

Share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter to show you believe that the U.S. government should respect people's right to migrate and seek asylum.