This year, the non-stop Israeli bombardment and thousands of lives lost means that Valentine’s day will be a difficult day in Gaza. Bombings have destroyed most properties in Gaza and thousands face imminent famine. People will not be celebrating in ways Gazans have in past years: sharing sweets, Gaza-grown flowers, balloons, and red teddy bears. 

We join many throughout the world demanding a cease-fire and continuing our advocacy for an end to Israeli military occupation, apartheid, genocide, and blockade. 

Now more than ever we wish to reach Palestinians in Gaza with a message of love, as we work for a day when flowers once again can bloom in Gaza.

How to share your Valentine to Gaza

  1. Print this graphic, take a photo holding it and share on your social media. Tag @ afsc_org on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and use #LoveToGaza.
  2. Download this graphic and change your social media profile picture for the month of February and reshare our posts on social media.

Sample social media captions:

  • This Valentine’s Day, join me in sending #LoveToGaza. Go to for instructions on sending your own virtual valentine. But don’t stop there–join AFSC every Friday as we call Congress and demand a permanent cease-fire now!

  • On Feb. 14 help me send #LoveToGaza! Go to to download this graphic. Then join me every Friday for AFSC’s Action Hour as we advocate for a cease-fire, humanitarian access to Gaza, and an end to U.S. tax dollars funding war crimes.

What to do after you send a Valentine

“If you grew up in [Gaza] Palestine like I did, you knew it was Valentine’s Day season when the best pop songs are released, when everyone on the streets was wearing red, and when all the locally grown roses were nearly sold out. As a little boy, I wasn’t concerned with buying romantic gifts, but I did enjoy the atmosphere and the energy on the streets of Gaza as people took the time to step away from the harsh reality of our surroundings to focus on romance, beauty, and gratitude.”

Hani Almadhoun, UNRWA-USA, 2020

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