Police demilitarization in California with AB 481

AFSC provides toolkits, trainings, and expert analysis and recommendations to communities across California on "AB 481", a 2021 state law that requires transparency and accountability in law enforcement use of weapons categorized by law as "military equipment".

This transparency and accountability through AB 481 comes from two parts:

  1. A use policy and inventory for military equipment that must be reconsidered annually by City Council/County Board of Supervisors
  2. A report on use of military equipment that must be issued at least annually and be shared with the public and the governing body

This page is a hub for AFSC's trainings, toolkits, and reports on AB481.  Please reach out to share what is happening in your city/county, and when possible we will support you and your organization with analysis, talking points, or recommendations for AB 481 advocacy.

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