Gifts of Securities

Giving a gift of securities (or ‘stock gifts’) has many benefits for AFSC and for you. Learn more about gifts of stock.

Instructions to Wire Securities to AFSC
(From a banker or broker) 

When completing any stock transfer, notify AFSC's Development Department (Download and print our Stock Transfer Instructions for your broker.)

Phone:  888-588-2372  
Fax:  215-241-7231

To wire securities to the American Friends Service Committee:


Contact person:
Lisa Butler
888-842-9001 ext. 45-5073
314-244-5199 - Fax

Account Title: American Friends Service Committee
Account #: 881639801
Participant ID (DTC  Number): 2663

One Metropolitan Square
211 North Broadway, Suite 1000
St. Louis, MO 63102

AFSC Tax ID#: 23-1352010
Receiving Agent: SEI

Details of the gift, including name of donor, name of stock, number of shares, and date of gift, should be sent to:

Contact information:
Development Department
American Friends Service Committee
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1479           
Phone: 1-888-588-2372  
Fax: (215) 241-7231

On behalf of those we serve, the American Friends Service Committee thanks you for your prompt completion of your client’s gift.

Effective March 2021