Stop Cop City! Corporate Week of Action

On Jan. 15-21, demand corporations stay out of policing our communities and end their involvement in Cop City. 


The Atlanta Police Foundation is trying to use millions of tax dollars and millions in corporate contributions to build one of the largest militarized police training facilities in the country in Atlanta. Corporations, which are not accountable to the public, are funding Cop City and the Atlanta Police Foundation.  

Home Depot and UPS are among 21 corporations involved in sponsoring, financing, insuring, and building the facility. We are taking action to tell them to get out of policing in our communities. Please join with your community the week of Jan. 15 -21 to demand that these corporations end their involvement with Cop City. 

Send a message to their CEOs and organize an action in your community.  
Take these action steps:

  1. Learn more about Cop City and its corporate backers.
  2. Sign a letter to the CEOs of all the corporations supporting the project. 
  3. Organize an event in your community for the week of action! Register your event here so others know there is an event in their area.
  4. Find an event in your area by using the map below.

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