No Hunger Summer

Join our campaign to ensure all kids get the food they need while school is out.

A woman and girl stand in front of a produce stand. The woman holds a plastic bag as the girl puts produce into it.

Kamaji Ogino/Pexels

Millions of children in the U.S. rely on school breakfasts and lunches for the nutrition they need. But when school is out, many kids don’t get enough food to be healthy and thrive.

To fill that gap, Congress created the SUN Bucks program (also known as Summer EBT). The new program will provide $120 in grocery-buying benefits to low-income families with school-age children. That could benefit as many as 30 million children.

While most states opted into the SUN Bucks program in 2024 and others plan to the following year, as of now 11 states have chosen not to implement the program by the summer of 2025. Those states include Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. In addition, Tennessee is participating in 2024 but has announced that it will not continue the program after this summer. 

Do you live in one of these states? You can help! Join our No Hunger Summer campaign to urge leaders in your state to implement this important program.

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