Providing life-saving aid to Gaza

Since October, we have delivered food, water, and other humanitarian relief to more than 94,430 people in Gaza.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to provide life-saving humanitarian aid in Gaza. Since October, thousands of people have donated to our emergency relief efforts. Tens of thousands more have joined us in advocating for a cease-fire, humanitarian access, and the peaceful release of all hostages and civilians held captive.  

Our efforts grow more critical by the day as the Israeli military continues its onslaught across Gaza. About 85% of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have been displaced. People are sleeping on the streets in the cold. Many don’t have clean water and face starvation and disease. Meanwhile, the Israeli government continues to deny humanitarian access. Before the war, about 500 trucks used to enter Gaza daily. Since Oct. 21, only an average of 100 trucks per day have been allowed to enter.   


Delivering hygiene kits to women and seniors. Photo: AFSC/Gaza

It is in this context that AFSC and partners are providing emergency relief to displaced people in the Rafah and Khan Yunis regions of Gaza. Since October, we have helped more than 94,430 people. We have distributed food to over 26,734 people and drinking water to more than 62,406 people. We have delivered hygiene kits to more than 2,000 women and girls as well as seniors. And we have worked with partners to host recreational activities for  3,420 displaced children.  

In the weeks ahead, we plan to reach thousands more people with hot meals, food parcels, and water. We are also planning more recreational activities for children.


Children take part in recreational activities organized by AFSC and partners. Photo: AFSC/Gaza

In addition, we are helping 168 patients from Gaza and their relatives who were receiving treatment for health conditions in Jerusalem but were forced to relocate to Ramallah during the war. We have helped them with medical needs and winterization items and are working with partners to provide hot meals daily.   

We will send additional aid through Egypt into Gaza when Israeli authorities allow it. So far, we have procured two trucks of food and one truck of medicine. Now we’re procuring three more trucks with blankets and winter clothes for families. 

Our relief efforts are urgent in this growing crisis. But a cease-fire and humanitarian access are needed now to fundamentally change the conditions on the ground and save lives. We hope you will continue to join with us in advocating with Congress today.