Stop funding Israeli violence against Palestinians

This year has been deadly for Palestinians. Since the start of the year, at least 177 Palestinians—including at least 40 children—have been killed by the Israeli military. 

In July, the Israeli army attacks on the Palestinian city of Jenin by air and on the ground resulted in the highest number of Palestinian fatalities in a single military operation in the West Bank since the United Nations started recording casualties in 2005. Thousands of Palestinians fled their homes in the Jenin refugee camp, seeking refuge with relatives or neighboring families or in government buildings such as schools and hospitals. 

Settler violence is also on the rise. In the first six months of this year, there were over 450 attacks on Palestinians by settlers. Several of these attacks involved hundreds of settlers and have been described by the Israeli military and media as “pogroms.” Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians are being forcibly displaced as Israel demolishes their homes, schools, and infrastructure in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

And in Gaza, the Israeli military-enforced blockade imposed since 2006 has severely limited travel, trade, and access to health care. Israeli military attacks on Gaza and the blockade have damaged water and sanitation systems, depleted stocks of basic medicines, and destroyed electrical infrastructure resulting in a situation where 2 million Palestinians cannot meet their basic needs.  

The U.S. must hold Israel accountable for its actions to stop the violence—and work towards a just and lasting peace for all Palestinians and Israelis. Pressure must be placed on Israel to stop violating human rights and international law.   

Tell Congress: End all U.S. military assistance to Israel to stop funding Israeli oppression and violence against Palestinians.  

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