Speak out against Biden’s asylum ban

President Biden swore to undo the harm of the Trump administration’s immigration policies, but now he plans to institute an asylum ban.   

The proposed change would deny asylum to most people arriving at the southern border and seeking safety in the U.S. It would further endanger migrant lives, forcing them back to the dangerous conditions from which they fled.  

The public has until March 27 to submit comments to the federal government before the policy becomes final.  

Use our form to submit your public comment. Note: Your comment must be unique to be counted. Here are some sample talking points you can adapt to write your message.  

  • All people seeking safety in the U.S. should be welcomed with dignity and have their rights respected.   

  • The asylum ban will further endanger people fleeing persecution and violence, forcing them to return to dangerous conditions. 

  • The Biden administration must uphold the right to asylum, which is enshrined in both U.S. and international law. We need to ensure there are clear, accessible pathways for ALL who seek safety in the U.S.   

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