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New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, LA

Peace by Piece New Orleans
New Orleans Peace is Power parade

The annual New Orleans Peace is Power Parade (2015). 

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Photo: AFSC

Peace by Piece is a youth program that builds peace one young person at a time. It engages, employs, and empowers young people to be peace leaders in their schools and communities. The program facilitates the use of artistic expression to demonstrate alternatives to violence. The program is coordinated by AFSC's New Orleans office and works closely with youth and young adults to promote peace using peer-to-peer learning strategies, arts, and organizing. 

Using interactive workshops, young people share tools to address violence in their neighborhoods and schools. The program focuses on the arts as an alternative means of self-expression and healing. Peace by Piece youth interns use a variety of art forms including dance, hip hop, and drawing to teach principled solutions to conflict.