AFSC experts are available for comment and background briefings for the media on a wide range of regional, national and global issues and policies and our programs. Given the dynamic nature of our work, the content listed here may change. If you are interested in a topic not listed below, please contact Alexis Moore at or call 215-241-7060.

General Secretary
New Hampshire Co-Director
Areas of Expertise:
Corporate influence in politics | Presidential primaries
Coordinator of Wabanaki Youth Program
Areas of Expertise:
Youth| Dialogue and Exchange
Dalit Baum headshot
Director of Economic Activism
Areas of Expertise:
Israel-Palestine | Economic Activism | Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions
Gabriela Flora
Denver Program Director
Areas of Expertise:
Immigrant Rights | Immigration Policy | Detention and Deportation
Kamau Franklin
South Regional Director
Areas of Expertise:
Social Justice Organizing | Police brutality | Race and racism
Peace & Economic Security
Areas of Expertise:
Nuclear Disarmament | NATO | Asia Pacific Affairs
Arizona Program Director
Areas of Expertise:
Privatization of Prisons | Prisoner Re-Entry | Solitary Confinement
Raed Jarrar
Government Relations Manager
Areas of Expertise:
U.S. engagement in the Middle East | Federal Military Spending | U.S. Foreign Military Assistance
Kerri Kennedy
Associate General Secretary for International Programs
Areas of Expertise:
Middle East | Afghanistan | Disaster/Humanitarian Response
Linda Lewis
DPRK Country Representative
Areas of Expertise:
Korean culture and society | International dialogue and exchange | Agriculture
Lia Lindsey
Policy Impact Coordinator
Areas of Expertise:
Immigration Policy | Civil and Human Rights | Criminal Justice
Matthew Lowen
Associate Program Director, Arizona
Areas of Expertise:
Solitary Confinement | Prison Privatization | Mass Incarceration
Laura Magnani
Healing Justice Program Director, San Francisco
Areas of Expertise:
Mass Incarceration | Solitary Confinement | Criminal Justice
Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean
Areas of Expertise:
Latin America and the Caribbean | Sustainable Development | Human Rights
John Lindsay-Poland
Wage Peace Coordinator
Areas of Expertise:
Human Rights | Militarism| U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America
San Diego Program Director
Areas of Expertise:
Immigration | US/Mexico Border
Brant Rosen
Midwest Regional Director
Areas of Expertise:
Israel-Palestine | Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions | U.S. Militarism
Joshua Saleem
St. Louis Program Director
Areas of Expertise:
Peace Education | Ending Racism | Youth
Lewis Webb, Jr.
Healing Justice Program Coordinator
Areas of Expertise:
Mass Incarceration | Police/Community Relations | Sentencing Policy
Mary Zerkel
Co-coordinator of AFSC’s Wage Peace Campaign
Areas of Expertise:
Federal Budget | Military Spending