Operation Protective Edge: Gaza one year later

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Israel’s Operation Protective Edge was catastrophic for Palestinians in Gaza. During this attack, more than 2,000 Palestinians were killed, including at least 521 children. Five civilians in Israel, including one child, were also killed. More than 10,000 Palestinians were injured and nearly 500,000 Palestinians living under siege in Gaza were displaced from their homes with no safe place to go. Over 19,000 homes, hospitals, businesses, schools, and places of worship were destroyed or severely damaged. 

Despite Israel agreeing to lift many of the blockade restrictions in its ceasefire agreement with Hamas, no change has resulted.  One year later over 100,000 people in Gaza remain homeless. Large numbers of Palestinians also remain without adequate food, running water, and regular electricity. There has still been no accountability, the blockade remains firmly in place, and no progress has been made toward ending Israel’s occupation.

Peace is more than the absence of outright war—it requires the presence of justice, of equality, of recognizing our common humanity.  We therefore continue our work to end the coercive and corrosive control of Palestinians by Israel, and to transform the systems that continue to perpetuate injustice and death.

This page brings together AFSC's statements, resources, stories and action alerts related to Operation Protective Edge.

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