Miami, FL

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American Friends Immigrant Services (AFIS)

FL immigrant rights rally

People protesting at an immigrant rights rally in Florida

Rally for immigrant rights in Florida

The American Friends Immigrant Service Program (AFIS) works to strengthen understanding and respect among the different populations settled in South Florida by increasing awareness of immigration issues and the rights of immigrants. Our program also accompanies refugees and immigrants through the complex immigration system by providing direct immigration representation and assistance.

Community Advocacy: AFIS promotes respect for human rights and community organizing by advancing federal, state, and local immigration policy reforms and denouncing labor exploitation and abuses. This work is accomplished though advocacy and political action to create a positive environment in South Florida.

Smart Vote – Citizenship Sessions: In a culturally viable manner, AFIS prepares and conducts citizenship and civic sessions to Lawful Permanent Resident Haitians who are eligible to apply for citizenship. 

Immigration Legal Services: AFIS offers assistance, court representation, consultations, and referrals regarding immigration matters. AFIS works in collaboration with other legal services and clinics to provide the best and most comprehensive legal assistance for immigrants.

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