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The high costs of privatizing incarceration

Check out these recent interviews and articles and learn more about the three panelists’ work to stop privatization:

WATCH: Caroline Isaacs talks with Arizona Public Media
about prisons in Arizona. (If no video appears above,
please refresh the page.)

Caroline Isaacs

Caroline’s research and mobilization against for-profit prisons in Arizona has put her at the forefront of the movement to stop prison privatization. 

Arnie Alpert

Working for economic justice in New Hampshire for over three decades, Arnie is a leader in movements for affordable housing, civil and worker rights, peace and disarmament, abolition of the death penalty, and an end to racism and homophobia.

Natalie Holbrook

For the last 10 years, prisoner rights advocate and activist Natalie Holbrook has worked with AFSC, advocating for people held in Michigan’s prisons around a myriad of issues.