On "Tax Day," Monday, April 15, more than 50 people representing a countywide coalition of justice and peace groups demonstrated in downtown Cleveland for just and peaceful federal budget and tax policies.
Demonstrators displayed signs and banners calling on federal officials to "Stop the Cuts! Protect Social Security! Grow 'Family-Wage' Jobs! Tax the One Percent! and End U.S. Wars and Occupations!"
"Recently enacted social spending cuts, under sequestration, will impose cruel hardships for millions of persons across America, impacting hardest on mothers, children, veterans, students and seniors here in Northeast Ohio," says Greg Coleridge, director of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) office in Northeast Ohio and coalition representative. "And proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare would cause further hardship.
"Social decency calls out to reverse these cuts. Rather than unnecessary austerity for our most vulnerable, we should instead tax our richest Americans in just proportion, cut bloated military budgets, end present wars and occupations, and invest in homeland infrastructure/community needs," says Coleridge.
Demonstration sponsors included Cleveland Peace Action, Veterans for Peace, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee, Cleveland Jobs with Justice, Women Speak Out for Peace & Justice, No Cuts Coalition, Stop Targeting Ohio’s Poor, Black on Black Crime, Inc., Oppressed People's Nation, Family Connection Center and Imperial Women.

Photos of the event are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/neoafsc/sets/72157633276087612/
A letter to the editor by Coleridge was printed on Tax Day in the Plain Dealer (Cleveland). The letter is at http://afsc.org/story/taking-stock-our-taxation-and-spending-priorities-greg-coleridge
A flyer for the event developed by AFSC distributed at the event and at the Akron Main Post Office is at