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Standing with Ferguson in Kansas City and Des Moines

Standing with Ferguson in Kansas City and Des Moines

Published: August 22, 2014
Standing with Ferguson in Kansas City Aug. 2014

AFSC's Social Change Youth Group in Kansas City recently discussed the killing of Michael Brown and actions in Ferguson, MO. Youth talked about what was known about the shooting and some of the underlying systemic economic and racial injustices realities involved. This photo shows messages of support for the Brown family from the youth that have been sent and posted online.

Photo: AFSC / Ira Harritt

August 21, 2014

Joshua Saleem
Peace Education Director
American Friends Service Committee
462 North Taylor Ave.; Ste. #103
St. Louis, MO 63108

Dear Joshua,

Last night the Iowa Program Committee (IPC) of the AFSC met at Friends House in Des Moines. We were all very moved by reading your words “Cry the beloved country, stand with the beloved.” On behalf of the IPC, I am writing to tell you of our support for you and for all those who are working with you to address the root cause of the violence in Ferguson- the structural racism that remains deeply embedded within the culture and institutions of our country.

As we discussed our work supporting immigrant voices, peace-building in the middle east, resisting the use of lethal drones by the US government and how to impact the upcoming campaign for US President, we paused and took time to reflect upon the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri. We wish to express our admiration and support for your work in schools and in communities to identify and change the systems that “perpetuate violence, oppression and inequity.”

As you prepare for AFSC’s 1st Annual Freedom School in St. Louis, which you have organized for September 5-7, 2014, know that we are in unity with you and send our support and loving concern.

Our hands in yours,

Peter Clay

Des Moines, Iowa

(On behalf of Kathleen McQuillen, Iowa Program Coordinator and all members of the Iowa Program Committee)