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New START treaty ratified by U.S. Senate

New START treaty ratified by U.S. Senate

Published: December 22, 2010
Joseph Gerson, Hyderbad

Joseph Gerson addresses Indian Anti-War Assembly, Hyderbad, Dec. 18, 2004.

Photo: Akahata

On December 22 the U.S. Senate voted to ratify the New START treaty 71-26.

AFSC and our supporters across the U.S. – including many of you – have worked tirelessly to make sure this treaty was negotiated, signed, and ratified.

Your calls, emails, letters to the editor, visits with senators and their staff, and your financial support, have all helped make this possible.  Thank you!

As an organization that has worked to eliminate these terrible weapons since 1945, we know all too well that many more steps will be needed to reach our goal. While this treaty is a modest step toward the nuclear-free future we need, the next steps won't be possible without taking this one.

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