Wage Peace co-coordinators and interns will take to Twitter tonight to respond to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Follow along and join us as we call for deep cuts to Pentagon spending and reinforce the need to invest in social programs and job creation.

We hope to hear from you; what does your community need? How are your community's needs affected by the disproportionate amount of our federal dollars that go to Pentagon spending?

Who to follow for #SOTU


Peter Lems will be tweeting from Philadelphia, along with Tory Smith at @afghanistan101


Mary Zerkel will be tweeting from Chicago, as will Debbie Southorn at @ihtdfilms

What is Wage Peace?

Wage Peace is AFSC’s initiative to promote peace over war around the world, waging peace with the same determination and energy that nations wage war. We seek to eliminate U.S. militarism by cutting military spending, acknowledging the impact of war, and promoting conflict prevention as an alternative.